Storage Building Plans

Storage Building Plans Online

There are many mistakes that can be made when taking on a large project such as a storage building or tool shed. It is difficult without the proper building plans. Here are a few examples:

Photobucket1- Solid foundation support and reinforcing.
2- Maximum span lengths per truss or joist.
3- Reinforcements or post supports at headers.
4- Roof slope, overhang width and effect on doors.
5- Extra support for any hanging types of storage.
6- Ceiling height, types of roof ventilation, interior wall peg boarding, ramp, etc.

Can storage building plans help? Well, not remembering or thinking about important parts of your building can be very costly and make your end result less than you want it to be. But you realize this. I’m lucky to have some experienced builders I can call on for help. But I also want more than that. Since I don’t do a lot of large building projects I like to “read up” on them when I’m getting started.

And there are many ways to get help.

Years ago the only information resources, except for an experienced friend, was the little building plan books that the supply stores sell. Now these aren’t completely bad. We’ve all used them or gotten some ideas out of them. But now there is a better way!

With the Internet we can do more and get so much more information fast. And it goes for Storage Building Plans as well.

Check out this tremendous collection of building plans. There is virtually every building plan possible here, large or small. It is a dream come true for builders. To find out more about their “Library” of over 14,000 projects, just CLICK HERE. You’ll want to spend hours going over these projects and plans! And there are dozens on buildings such as storage buildings. The plans include videos also.

storage building plansWhy get just a “plan book” when you can have a COMPLETE LIBRARY of plans?
I love this type project. What I hate is the preparation and getting the materials up. But the most aggravating part is forgetting things and having to go back to the store again.

Here are three reasons I like to have good building plans for my larger projects: 1- Saves time getting together the materials. 2- Helps me remember the DETAILS. It’s good to have reminders. And 3- I don’t worry about what I’ve forgotten. By having step-by-step plans I want be as likely to forget something important. It maybe insulation, electrical, plumbing…. haven’t you been there too? It’s so easy to forget even important things.

So here is a challenge that you try a better way. If you don’t think the Woodworking4Home is all it should be… then ask for your money back. They guarantee it:

Here’s a quote from the developer John Metz:
“I want to prove everything I claim to you. Download Woodworking4home right now and keep it for a full 60 days. If it isn’t everything I’ve said, I do not want your money. Simply send a quick e-mail, and you’ll get every penny back – NO questions asked. Heck, I’ll even let you keep all the bonuses – on the house!”

Mr. Metz depends on his reputation as a master builder… and he will keep his promise! (but he hasn’t had to many times… you’ll see)

a toast

Here’s to a successful Storage Building project!!

- Jackie and Jon

To go to Idea Woodworking. You can try out their many plans, RISK FREE

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Storage Shed Plans

When starting a large woodworking / carpentry project such as building a storage shed, I want to have good “storage shed plans” available. Now I am fortunate to have some good advisers, but I still want some step-by-step plans. This one time that more is just better.

Today with the Internet we have access to a lot of good “help”. Not only are plans for small woodworking projects available but there are plenty of good storage shed plans or any other major project.

The best one we have found is Woodworking4Home. See what some customers are saying:

Hi John, I’ve just downloaded your fabulous collection of woodworking plans.

The thing that really gets me is that quality of
these plans is nothing but amazing.

I’ve never had such a pleasant experience with an on-line purchase. I’ll be recommending your website to all my fellow friends.

Thanks for all the amazing advice you gave me!

Joe S.

Excellent!! Extremely well done product packed with great information. You have been very kind in including so much in one package. The plans are brilliant and I am willing to learn many things from you.

I like the quality of the designs and layouts; especially the shed & deck plans.

I have been looking for something like this for a long time. VERY HAPPY… please keep ‘em coming!

Dave, New Jersey USA

“There’s Literally Nothing Else Like These Plans On The Market Today”

You can also get the Woodworking4Home package on PC DVD-ROM – this can save you a lot of time and headaches.
You should check out these great plans before you do another large projects such as to build a storage shed or building.

To go to WoodWorking4Home and see if you want to try out there many plans, RISK FREE

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Woodworking Plans

When it comes to finding woodworking plans and ideas for building beautiful wood items, there are plenty of different places available. Previously you would have had to spend hours searching through books but today the internet offers you a much easier way of finding exactly what you want.

If you are someone who has only just taken up woodworking as a hobby then it is better to start off with much simpler projects to begin with. You have the option of either going for free or pre-designed woodworking plans if you want. Whatever ones you choose they will help you in honing the skills you have learned.

For those who are considering using free plans rather than the ones you purchase there are certain things that one must take into consideration beforehand. In this article we take a look at just what some of these things are.

Step 1 – Look for plans where not only are you provided with drawings show each stage of the construction of the item, but also provide pictures of what it should look like when the project has been completed. This way you know exactly where you should be at each stage but how the finished product should really look.

Step 2 – Make sure that you don’t choose plans where the instructions provided read more like a novel. These types of woodworking workshop ideas will just make the whole step by step process of creating something wonderful so much more difficult. But neither do you want plans that read more like a shopping list.

Step 3 – Avoid opting for the free types of woodworking plans available that don’t provide a list of the relevant tools that will be needed through various stages of the project. Also avoid any that won’t list exactly what materials are needed not just the wood, but also the hardware. What you want is to be able to go through the various stages of creating an item without the need to stop because you find that you are missing some particular item.

Step 4 – Also look for the types of woodworking plans and ideas where they give information on how much the project is likely to cost. Then this will help you to determine exactly what you are likely to be getting into before you begin. So ensuring that you can then decide whether this is project that you really want to go ahead with or not.

For more information go to WoodWorking4Home and look over, RISK FREE, these great plans

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woodworking plans

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Workshop Plans

A storage building or workshop can be an excellent new addition for the home and family. When considering this addition the first thing to look for is a good set of workshop plans. A utility building may server many uses based on your particular needs. Many are used as a mixture of storage space and a workshop for crafts, woodworking and maybe for small repairs.

The first factors are the location and kind of structure. A workshop or storage building might be connected to the house or totally separate and a good distance away from the home. The advantage of connecting it to the existing building would be utilizing one wall and its bracing for easier and less expensive roof and walls. Some times this is not feasible however.

Next is what will be the uses of the building. There can be a lot of differences in building methods if it is to function as a workshop as well as for storage. Areas like the type of floor construction, height of the ceiling, wall types, etc. have to be considered.

Then the size is a very important factor. The square footage will have a definite impact on building costs. It seems that we never have an adequate amount of storage room so don’t build it too small simply to save a fraction of the costs.

How to finish the interior walls and ceiling will be determined by several things. Peg board wall are good for storage. Hooks or other kind of hangers can help utilize the ceiling area for bikes or other hard to store things. Should you use built-in shelving or buy free standing?

To construct this storage building yourself or for you to act as the general contractor you must have a good set of plans. Plans are available in many places but the digital online plans are easily accessible and comprehensive. There are a lot of ways good quality building plans will save you money and time.

Check over these ideas and considerations before starting a project as big as a storage building. If you don’t have a good bit of knowledge talk to builders that do and be as equipped as you possibly may be before you begin.

For more information go to WoodWorking4Home and look over, RISK FREE, these great plans

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For more information go to the home page of

Storage Building Plans


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Storage Building Kits

Steel Storage Building
storage building kits

Image by SteelMaster Buildings

Storage Building Kits Are Available Many Ways

Our storage building kits video example today:

From If you are thinking about building a shed then you should see this very FUNNY SHED BUILD and complete with cheezy Music. Whether you are building a wood shed, building a tool shed or building a garage, storage building kits and plans are useful to have. For good plans Myshedplans brings you the best plans. Get a FREE Plan Today.

Here is an example of more storage building kits that are available:

Storage Building Kits

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Features Include:
Everything is pre-cut, nothing to saw
Will not rust, dent or sag
Flexible designs from $50 up

To see more, click here


Online, Download Building Plans:



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